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Children’s Dentistry – Conyers, GA

The Right Start for Your Child’s Oral Health

mother and child hugging smiling

There are enemies of your child’s oral health that are always present and on the prowl: bacteria. If not controlled, they can wreak havoc and lead to a chain reaction of undesirable events. Thankfully, you’re not alone in protecting your little one’s oral health because our friendly and knowledgeable staff, under the direction of Dr. Seekand, will provide you with the peace-of-mind of knowing an expert team has your back. Contact us at Seek and Smile Dentistry today to schedule your child’s first appointment!

What Happens at the First Visit?

dentist talking to little boy

We know that a visit to your dentist in Conyers can be a little daunting for some children, which is why we take every step to make the time spent at our office as functional yet pleasant as possible. Here is what you can expect to happen:

When Should You Schedule the First Visit?

child receiving fluoride from dentist

Once your child’s first teeth emerge and he or she begins eating solid foods, the chances of new bacteria growth increase substantially. That’s because wherever there are any leftover food particles, you will find bacteria lurking for sustenance. Therefore, we suggest that when your child reaches this developmental milestone, you bring him or her in for a visit.

After the initial appointment, Dr. Seekand suggests you bring your child every six months so that any new developments can be identified and stopped in their tracks before they fester into a greater problem.

Why Choose Seek and Smile Dentistry for Children’s Dentistry?

girl gives thumb up at dentist

Kid-Friendly Services Provided

As a mother, Dr. Seekand understands all too well how it feels to worry about your child’s well-being. Thus, she places great emphasis on preventive care, an example of which is the application of dental sealants. Using a form of biocompatible plastic, she’ll coat the chewing surfaces of your child’s back teeth to make it more difficult for bacteria to gather and cause decay.

Another preventive method we offer is fluoride treatment. Enlisting the protective properties of fluoride, we brush on a thin layer of fast-drying varnish along the top and sides of your child’s teeth. This provides extra protection from the harmful microorganisms that are always on the prowl looking to cause decay.

It’s also important to provide your little one with restorative care that can stand the test of time. Therefore, if a filling is needed, instead of the amalgam options of the past, your children’s dentist in Conyers places tooth-colored fillings. With this option, more of the tooth can be preserved, the restoration lasts longer, and your child won’t have any regrets about the appearance of his or her smile in the future.

With help from Dr. Seekand and the skilled staff at Seek & Smile Dentistry, your child’s oral health will be one less thing you have to worry about. Reach out to us today to schedule your first visit!

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