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Tooth Extractions – Conyers, GA

Comfortable, Pain-free Tooth Removal

X-ray of impacted wisdom tooth

Thanks to the many advances in both dental hygiene and technology, your teeth really can last a lifetime. Nevertheless, there are times when tooth extractions in Conyers become the best option. When this is the case, you want to know that you or a loved one will be receiving the best care possible. Dr. Seekand and her assistants are a skilled team that combines professional treatment with compassion in order to make your tooth extraction comfortable and pain-free.

The Reasons for Tooth Extraction

Teenage girl wearing braces

There are a few reasons why Dr. Seekand might suggest tooth removal. One is tooth decay. If a tooth is so severely damaged that it cannot be repaired with a filling, inlay, onlay or dental crown, then extraction may be necessary to prevent the spread of infection and to stop the discomfort and pain that a large cavity can cause.

Other reasons for tooth extraction include:

These types of extractions are performed to prevent crowding of your remaining teeth, which can result in bite problems. Thus, an extraction can ensure an attractive smile that also functions well.

An emergency dentist in Conyers may also need to remove a tooth in preparation for orthodontic treatment. In this case, extracting a tooth helps provide enough room for your other teeth to move into proper alignment. Finally, advanced gum disease that has destroyed gum and bone tissue can cause teeth to loosen, which necessitates extraction.

How is a Tooth Removed?

extracted tooth

The procedure begins with the gentle delivery of a local anesthetic to numb the tooth and surrounding soft tissue and bone. Nitrous oxide (laughing gas) can also be given to aid in any additional anxiety or nervousness.

Dr. Seekand may be able to extract your tooth using applied pressure to the socket and dental forceps. If the tooth is impacted, then she may need to surgically divide the tooth and remove one section at a time from the bone.

Recovery from Tooth Extraction

Smiling patient in dentist chair

You can expect some bleeding after an extraction. Firm pressure with a gauze pad will usually stop the bleeding, but for a wisdom tooth or another molar, a few stitches may be necessary to help gum tissue heal. A cold compress for twenty minutes on and twenty minutes off will reduce pain and swelling.

In most cases, if the extraction site is kept clean and you follow our recovery instructions, your gums will be healed in just a matter of weeks. Then, if you need replacements, Dr. Seekand can design a bridge, implant or denture to ensure the functionality and natural appearance of your smile.